Sunday, October 30, 2005

Ask Girl Geek: Internet Marketing Consultation

Hi Annette,
I wonder if you could let me know what services your web site promotion consultant provides, and what the cost would be?

Hi JS,

Basically this service is about marketing to your targeted niche via the many options available via internet and through your website. There are a variety of ways to do that. Such a strategy would take into consideration your strengths, preferences, budget and timeframe. For example, many coaches/therapists are introverts, therefore they shy away from public speaking and networking, but they excel at writing and one on one interactions. Other coaches/therapists I've worked with have no time to write, so they may need help selecting other methods of establishing their expertise with their clientele. Perhaps posting an interview with you via audiopodium or having you schedule some online interactive chats would do the trick. There are many many ways to use the internet to promote any business.

We would start with a basic needs assessment, which may or may not include a thorough review of your website and your overall marketing strategy. I'd get to know your business goals, help you define and find your target market, then design a marketing strategy especially for your business and budget.

If your website is not drawing the business you want, we might need to do an analysis of the site, including reviewing your keyword strategy, marketing message, site statistics, current search engine rankings, and any other website promotion strategies you are using, such as Pay Per Click advertising. In other words we'd look to see how your current website is performing and determine ways to make it perform better. We'd also look at other marketing efforts and see how they work together synergistically.

Second, we'd also look at other promotion strategies specific to your business and designed for your niche. These might include a mix of traditional promotion strategies and innovative use of the internet.

My fee is $150/hour for this service. If there is enough interest in this, I would be willing to offer a group.

Thanks for asking!

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