Monday, September 04, 2006

Helpful Programs to have for Web Design

Hi Annette,
I've just got started building my own website from scratch. Tried Dreamweaver, but it just took too long to learn. So I've decided to use CoolPage. It's a pretty basic, but quite easily understood web design program. My question is, what are the most popular or most crucial pieces of design software to have while building a very basic website. I'd like to have a shopping cart and newsletter on it. I've got Photoshop and a good little free button making program. What else would I need in terms of software. Nothing too fancy like flash or others. Just the essentials for a beginner website builder like myself.

Hi Rob,
The other thing you will need is a way to compress images, as filesize usually is large and slows down page loading time. Photoshop does that when you tell it to. Click "save optimized for web."

Thanks for asking!

Annette Vaillancourt
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