Saturday, July 04, 2009

All A-twitter About Twitter

So, what is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where you have 140 characters to send a message to the Twittersphere answering the questions, "What Are You Doing?" You can invite friends, family and business partners to "follow" your posts. In return you can follow posts of others who are of interest to you. In some ways it's a quick way to take a pulse of your market.

Your tweet can be directed to all your followers or you can respond directly to someone who has sent you a tweet. You can tweet from you cellphone.

Business has taken Twitter to heart. There are many articles online about how to use Twitter for SEO and promoting your business.

The main guideline is to "tweet" (meaning to post) something on Twitter that's useful and relevant to your niche market. That way you begin to gather a following. In addition, you can load Twitter onto your Facebook, MySpace, and Blogger pages, as well as put a widget on your website. These will keep all your friends and followers on those websites up to date with your tweets.

To post links to websites with long URL's, you can use to short them to post in your tweets.

What you do with Twitter is only limited by your imagination...oh, and the 140 characters.

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