Monday, June 14, 2004

Ask Girl Geek: What are the advantages of a website over a print brochure

Hi Annette,
I am working on my brochure editing nervous about making sure I have the "right" words for the brochure and web site...will review contract later today.

Hi Debora,

The good thing about a website is if the words aren't exactly "right" you can change them immediately with lower cost than a brochure. Writing for the web is a tad bit different than writing for print media: more bullet points, shorter paragraphs, skimmable stuff.

What I've done in the past with brochures is develop them using a text editor, then printed as many as I needed for an event or mailing, instead of going to a commercial printer and paying big bucks for 1000 only to find I have things I wanted to change later.

Best of luck on your tasks!

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