Monday, May 31, 2004

Ask Girl Geek: How to I get more traffic to my site?

Hello Annette

I wanted to touch base with you about the possibility to doing a bit of work with you on my website. I'm happy with how it looks and functions (though need to update content a bit),but have not done the legwork to figure out how to make the most of it in terms of generating traffic. I keep telling myself I shouldn't need to hire someone to do this, but then I don't find time to do it. Hence the inquiry.


Hi Sarah,

Do you have your webhosting username and password so that I could go look to see if you have site statistics that tell me how much traffic you're getting and from where? I'd also need the web address of your webhosting company. That's where I would start. Then I would look at what other website promotion strategies you are using. Most coaches don't have the time, much less the knowledge of successful internet marketing. Please call me and we'll talk in more depth about your needs.
Thanks for asking!

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