Sunday, May 23, 2004

Ask Girl Geek: What about using Web Easy 5.0?

thank you for the search engine info. I would be interested in a future
conference call regarding websites/engines etc. I know that you do website design, I was wondering how it would work if I used a product to type in all my text etc and worked with you to add the spunk to the design. I purchsed web easy 5 and have not opened it yet, have you heard of it?
I registered a
domain with Open Door Coaching and am feeling the need to get the site up
and going. Others have said they've used "good daddy" or something like
that, what comments do you have?
Thanks for any input

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Girl Geek said...

Hi Deborah,

Web Easy is a WYSWYG editor (what you see is what you get). I've looked at it, but find it is limited in terms of the design option I use for my websites. If you haven't opened it yet, I suggest you take it back. I use FrontPage2002 mostly, or Dreamweaver.

If you had your text in a plain document file, that would be best. It would also help me to see sites that you like, so I could get a feel for the "look" you're after. is a web hosting and registration site. It has a built in website builder. I've had really terrible experiences with clients who've built sites on sitebuilders. They don't offer enough features, they are actually more time consuming to update and they limit the look of your website to their templates. One client ended up paying me more to update her site, built on a sitebuilder, than she would have if I would have built it from scratch. Plus the costs of hosting the sites there are way more than what most coaches need to pay. I use a great hosting company that charges only $36 a year for hosting that is sufficient for most coaches' websites.
Thanks for asking!