Friday, May 21, 2004

Who's linking to your website and where do you rank in search engines

Hi All,

You hear all the time...well, maybe YOU don't, but I do as a web designer, that link popularity and link relevancy help increase targeted traffic to your website and increase your ranking in search engines.

If you want to know how many other sites are linking to yours and in what search engines, here's a handy little tool.
Check out your site and that of you main competitors. Then talk to your web designer about optimizing your site for search engines.

Also, if you want to know if and where you're ranking in the search engines, go to
and enter your website name and the main keywords used on your site.

If all of this is gibberish to you and you want to learn more about optimizing your website for higher rankings in search engines, send me an email and I will notify you of my next Q & A conference call coming soon.

Or for a thorough analysis of why your site isn't performing as well as expected, sign up for my Well Website Check-Up service. You can learn more about that by sending a blank email to and you will get a list of all that's part of this service.

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