Monday, May 24, 2004

Ask Girl Geek: How can I put audio files on my website?

If I have a voice download for a class that one can access on my website, will the dsl vs dial up take different amounts of times. If so, how do I check this out so I can warn the ones who might have to wait for the download to happen? Thanks! Rita

Girl Geek's Response
Hi Rita,
Sound files, like image files, are very large usually. I would put a note to people using dial up about the amount of time to download would be ___ number of minutes. You can tell how large the file is by looking at it on your computer or the server where you site is hosted (if you've uploaded it). If the file is longer than 3 minutes in listening length, you might want to look at streaming audio, rather than just having it as a file people can download from your site.

Another thing to think about is what kind of software your site visitors will need in order to listen to your audio file. Some audio players are free or already installed on most new computers, but others will have to be downloaded from the internet. Also, the file type would need to be compatible with what software the site visitors have on their computers.

A final thought is if you have a lengthy audio file, why not consider an audiopodium, where people can call in and listen to your class. Then you just list the phone number on the site for them to call in 24/7 to listen. You can get an audiopodium from MCPer Ed Shea in Chicago.

Hope this helps!

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