Friday, May 20, 2005

Ask Girl Geek: Domain Names

I have a couple questions, 1. how much do you charge to find out if a domain name is available? And how much is domain name registration on an annual basis? 2. The website I have now if I decide to keep the domain name how does that work with the business that is currently hosting the site? Do they own it do I own it? How can I get it moved from them to you? I guess is the question and what is the cost for that. I looked at your fee structure and did not see this issue addressed there. Sorry if I missed it.

Hi K,

Thanks for asking! You can check yourself at to see if a domain is available. Domain registration is $12 a year with the company I use. If you want to transfer your current domain to another hosting company, it's just a matter of changing the DNS numbers. Or you can host the new site at the same hosting company if it is compatible with the software I use and has all the features needed for the new site.

Hope this helps!

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