Saturday, May 21, 2005

Updates on Blogging

To learn the latest Blog-cabulary, Read this article
Excerpt: Blogfeed - "syndication" of your blog for furthur distribution on the web
Ping - a system that notifies blog owners when someone posts a comment to their blog.

Blog-tistic - according to InfoZine, 32 Million Americans read blogs

Excerpt: Since 2003 weblogs gained increasing notice for their role in breaking, shaping or spinning news stories

Business Blogging is on the Rise according to Inc magazine
Excerpt: --Business blogging consultants agree that it is yet to be proven that blogs are a good direct-response marketing tool, but they can be an excellent tool to build relationships and create brand equity as more Internet users see them as viable sources of information.
"Blogs can help in networking and creating industry contacts and business partners. They can also be excellent selling tools, particularly with affiliates," suggested Campbell.

How to use blogging as a marketing tool
But for companies, blogs are an opportunity to tell clients and potential clients about your industry, products and services. And it doesn't matter how large or small your business is.
Blogs are a way to build an open relationship with customers, and make your company a resource on a particular subject. They're also good for spin.

Search engines love new content, and just putting a blog on your Web site could push your company to the top of someone's search results.

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